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Apply to use the Made in Britain logo today and show your clients that you, too, are proud to be British . If you meet the given criteria enter your contact details in the form below and if your application is successful the logo will be delivered directly to your inbox. By applying to use this logo you are receiving full copyright permissions to use the free logo  on any product being exported from Great Britain.

This download provides you a year’s license to use the Made in Britain logo . After a year we will ask you to confirm that you still meet the criteria of usage in order to carry on displaying the emblem. For your convenience the logo can remain on your products during the re-confirmation process.

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In order to apply to use the Made in Britain logo you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You need to be a British registered business
  • Product needs to be designed, manufactured, produced or created in Great Britain.
  • 80% of the value chain needs to be within Great Britain (not including raw materials)